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About Us

CallCartel is an Offline & Online Pay-Per-Call Marketing Organization delivering high-quality 24/7 Calls for Advertisers strictly on a Performance Basis.

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  • Quality Calls with High Conversions to meet Advertisers ROI Goals
  • Connect Consumers with Advertisers Real-Time 24/7 Calls Direct to Advertiser Call Center
  • Advertisers NEED Customer Acquisition – our Calls = Sales
  • CallCartel – The One Source for High-Quality Online & Offline Leads

CallCartel Publishers generate thousands of daily calls for its Advertisers through its Online/Offline multimedia  platform  – TV, Radio, E-Mail, Online & Mobile Search & Display, Internet Video, Search Engine, Social Media and Call Center Transfers.

CallCartel delivers high-quality, IVR-screened live, inbound call transfers. CallCartel Management has been implementing Click2Call in the online category for the past 8 years as well as TV & Radio for over 35 years.  Our management and associates come from online  and offline channels including DRTV, Radio, Direct Mail, Call Center ownership & management, and Print Advertising.  CallCartel is Performance-based Call Marketing.

We are located in Los Angeles, CA. Advertisers and Publishers invited. 

CallCartel -- A professional Call-Generation Organization!