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  • 100% Pay-Per-Call Pricing
  • No Sign-Up or Recurring Minimum Fees, Only Pay-Per-Call Billing
  • Quality, Screened Publishers
  • State-of-the-Art, Proven Invoca Platform for Call Screening, Routing & Tracking
  • Experienced, Professional Campaign Support
Call Cartel Advertisers

CallCartel inbound call delivery platform drives Publisher Calls to Advertisers on a strict Pay-Per-Call performance model. CallCartel was created by experienced professionals from the offline, call center and online direct response advertising and promotional marketing industry.  We have developed a unique multi-channel Pay-Per-Call Marketing Platform. We deliver high-quality calls daily in numerous verticals.

As a Pay-Per-Call Marketing Network,CallCartel provides Advertisers with the highest quality, highest converting leads in the industry regardless of the vertical.  We are a proven solution for Pay-Per-Call distribution.  Advertisers will receive inbound phone calls generated by TV, Radio, SEO, Social Media, E-Mail, Online Display, Online Video and Mobile channels that can, at Advertiser’s option, be IVR screened and confirmed prior to transfer to the Advertiser’s call center, saving time & money.

CallCartel delivers high-quality inbound calls daily to advertisers within numerous verticals -- Auto Insurance & Extended Warranty, Health Insurance, Payday & Installment Loan, Financial (Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling, Mortgage and Home Services including Satellite & Cable TV and Home Security.

CallCartel screens its Publishers to insure the best quality calls based on its years in the direct response and call center areas.

CallCartel A unique, professional Pay-Per-Call Marketing Organization.

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