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How Works

We Deliver High-Impact, High-Quality
Pay-Per-Call Campaigns! uses a state-of-the-art call marketing platform that delivers live, inbound calls to advertisers on a Pay-Per-Call Performance basis.

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Publisher Deliverables

  • Prompt Payments
  • Invoca Tracking & Reporting Platform
  • Experienced Support Group
  • High-Performance Advertiser Campaigns
  • High Payouts




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Advertiser Deliverables

  • High-Quality Live or IVR-Screened Calls from Top Tier Publishers
  • 100% Pay-Per-Call
  • No Sign-Up or Recurring Fees – Just Pay-Per-Call Billing
  • State-of-the-Art Technology for Call Screening, Routing & Tracking
  • Experienced Campaign Support

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ADVERTISERS: Create Campaigns Based on PUBLISHER Call Criteria & Payout
PUBLISHERS Apply to PROMOTE the Offers using Dedicated Toll-Free Numbers in their Ads
PUBLISHERS Generate CALLS for ADVERTISERS based on Call Criteria
Tracks the Calls for ADVERTISER Criteria & Connects Only Qualified Calls To ADVERTISER Call Center
Provides a real-time ADVERTISER & PUBLISHER Call Tracking System via Dedicated Toll-Free Numbers in the Ads
Tracking System provides PUBLISHERS with ADVERTISERS Revenue Reconciliation Based on Qualified Calls