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Publisher Benefits:

  • Prompt Payment based on Each Campaign’s Specifications
  • State-of-the-Art Invoca Call Routing, Tracking and Reporting System
  • Constant Publisher Support
  • High-Quality Advertiser Campaigns
  • High Payouts from Advertisers

Call Cartel Advertisers CallCartel is a highly experienced MultiMedia, Online & Offline Pay-Per-Call Marketing Organization.  Our 35 years of Direct Response Offline, Online, & Click2Call experience, Call Center experience and Corporate America client relationships make us the best choice for Publishers and Advertisers. CallCartel is a WIN-WIN scenario.

CallCartel Facts:

Created and run by established by expert management from the offline and online media channels, our operations team has proven deliverability.

We run our own Pay-Per-Call TV Media with our brands, or generic spots.  Our organization knows and understands the industry and can assist in the custom development of any client’s campaign.

CallCartel provides Training & Support, Optimization Capabilities, 24/7 Publisher Support and more. 

CallCartel accepts High-Quality, MultiMedia Pay-Per-Call Traffic from reputable Publishers with screening of the advertising that will deliver the calls.  Included media vehicles are TV, Radio, Online & Mobile Search & Display, Social Media, E-Mail and Online & Mobile Video Distribution.

CallCartel works to screen out fraudulent applications.                                                   

Publishers that currently generate inbound calls, regardless of vertical, where the call quality can be proven to be high and fraudulent-free, are invited to apply to the CallCartel organization now.

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